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Wednesday, June 15, 2005
Volume 64, Issue 47 Rota-Scribe: Minard Duncan

Bob Savage opened the meeting by having Minard Duncan lead the Flag Salute. We sang “America the Beautiful” and “Smile.” with Don Ludwig at the piano and Leroy Fulton and Bob Savage on vocals. Prez Bob gave the Thought for the Day which was “You cannot hope to build a better world without improving individuals. We all must work for our own improvement, and at the same time, share and generate responisbility for all humanity.”

John Christensen had the following Rotarians introduce their guests:

Les Christensen - Peter Agancesal,
Chief Pat McKinley - Officer Mary Murphy,
Diane Masseth-Jones - Shin Min.
Our visiting Rotarians were Vince Verneuil with his wife, Maryann from East Jefferson, WA., Andy Ersek from Orange North, and Ron Newell from Fullerton South. Vince had been a long time member from our club and former Santa Claus, before moving north.

Several thank you notes to Rotary were read: Pat Soderquist for the flowers sent upon her husband Ron’s passing; Friends of Jazz, St. Juliana School and the Fullerton Railway Association for the Community Investment Awards; and Damon Dragos resigned because he has taken a new job out of our area.


Demotion Night for Bob Savage is Wednesday, June 29.
Rotary Night with the Fullerton Flyers baseball team is on Sunday, July 24.


Finemaster Dick Daybell fined the following:
Bill Gorman for a new body part - hip replacement.
Bob Foust for Open House signs all over town.
Warren and Nancy Wimer - 44 years of marriage!!
Bob and Gloria Radde - 50 years for marriage!!!
Chet and Marcia Schultz - 61 years of marriage!!!!
Birthdays were Ray Hansen - 77, Pat McKinley - 64, Al Triay - 88, Craig Walker - 42 and Fred Johnson’s wife Jan.

Maryalyce Jeremiah completed her Newest Nine requirements. . . . Congratulations!

Guest Shine Min won the raffle but did not know who said “A billon dollars is not what it used to be.” J.Paul Getty.


Chief Pat describes his SWAT experiences.

Chief Pat McKinley took us back in history and gave us an informative, comprehensive slide presentation on his experiences with the Los Angeles Swat team. His involvment with the Black Panthers with names such as Huey Newton, Bobby Teal, Eldridge Cleaver, Cotton Smith, Elmer Geronimo Pratt and David Hilyard; and SLA notables such as Patty Hurst, Bill and Emily Harris, Camelia Hall and Willy Wolf. A fascinating piece of history, showing the dangers of these gangs, with their extensive weaponry and bombs. Thank you Pat for your efforts to remove these violent elemements from our society.

Next week we will hear about the Humor and Sports in Music with Fred Johnson presenting.

Prez Bob closed with “Start from scratch and keep scratching.”

Upcoming Programs:
June 22: Humor and Sports in Music - Fred Johnson
June 29: Demotion Night at Sheraton 4 Points

Former Fullerton Rotarian, current Big Bear Lake Rotarian, Bob McNutt was awarded the Centennial Rotarian of Rotary District 5330 By DG Roy Brownie, at the District 5330 Conference June 4, 2005.