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Volume 78 Issue 17 Wednesday, Oct 31, 2018 Rota-Scribe: Thad Sandford
Proposed New Member: Christian Esteban, JOYA Scholars, by Zoot Vealsco

Mike Cochran attempted to open the meeting, but was interrupted by Elwood J. Blues (posing as Dan Ouweleen, or was it the other way around?) complete with hat, glasses, black coat, and long sideburns: it was a fun way to start the meeting on Halloween day.

Mike then provided several interesting, but little-known facts about Halloween. Halloween is believed to have been started in Ireland as a way to remember the dead, complete with stories of ghosts, bones, etc. Today it is the second largest market day in the U.S., with huge sales of candy, pumpkins, costumes, etc. It is also a fun day for kids with dress up, trick or treating, and of course candy.

We had our pledge of allegiance to the flag. Thad Sandford, gave the invocation, asking each of us to remember a Rotarian who has passed on, for their service and for their inspiration to the rest of us in service to our community. Bob Muschek led us in singing ‘Smile’.

We welcomed a large number of guests some of which are prospective members. The guests included: Myra Austin, Stephanie Cortez, Christine Steubin, David Roman, and Sally Williams. (Your scribe for the day was only able to catch some of the names. I regret the omissions and errors in spelling).

Announcements: Dick Mathewson gave us an update on longtime member, Bill Kincaid who was hit by a car in the CSUF parking lot. He is suffering from a broken nose, broken rib, and severe lacerations on one side of his body. Theresa Harvey reported that longtime member Jay Miliam passed away on 30 Sept. Dan Ouweleen reminded us that the annual Jog-a-Thon will be this Saturday, 3 Nov, at the Fullerton High School Stadium. All are encouraged to support.

Karen Xie announced that she was passing around get-well cards for Bill Kincaid and Jon West, who has had a recent knee operation.

Recognition was led by Greg Hickman. Greg recognized Bill Mathey for hosting a particularly fun fellowship luncheon; Bob Jahncke for 33 years of Rotary service; Leland Wilson for a birthday; and Frances Hunter for 5 years of Rotary service. Greg then harassed each of the table with a quiz on Halloween facts and fables. Only about half of the tables were able to correctly answer the questions, and those that did had been provided the answers earlier by Mike Cochran in his opening remarks. All tables had then to add money to the basket.

Jim Williams, who claimed to be his best friend, introduced Zoot Velasco as our speaker for the day, under the billing of ‘How Zoot became Zoot’.
Zoot provided a very entertaining talk, of early childhood tragedy of a very bad burn, years in the hospital, surgery’s, and parental divorce; all of which led to a young boy spending time alone at the TV becoming interested in music and dance. That led to a career in show business entertaining, helping others thru coaching, teaching even in prisons, and later in building and running organizations to promote the Arts. He even gave a short demonstration of his meme-like dance. He took over the Muckenthaler cultural center in Fullerton when it was losing money, interest, and support, and turned it around so that today it is a premier cultural center in Orange County. His successor, Farrel Hirsch is continuing to grow and improve the Muchenthaler Center. Today Zoot is teaching at both Cal State Fullerton and Cal Poly Pomona. He is also the new Director of the Gianneschi Center in the CSUF School of Business, dedicated to teaching business methods for social service organizations. He reminded all that the so-called ‘non-profits’ in the US account for about 22% of the GDP and about 10% of the employment; clearly a sector needing business school focus.

Mike Cochran presented Zoot with an artist sketch of his likeness and one to Farrel Hirsch for his work as program chairman.

Zoot talks about Zoot (Craft Talk), & Jim Williams
Zoot talks about Zoot (Craft Talk)
11/03 Jog-A-Thon & Pumpkin Run - Fullerton HS Stadium
11/07 Veteran's Day - Various Speakers
11/14Barbara Stone - Election 2018
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This Edition was published in Poipu Beach, HI
Photos by Sally Williams
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