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Volume 78 Issue 12 Wednesday, Sept 26, 2018 Rota-Scribe: Jay Kremer
Proposed New Member: Daniel Stewart, Architect, with Collaborate Design Build
by Dan Ouweleen
Proposed New Member: David Gillander, Pathways of Hope, Exec Director
by John Phelps
Proposed New Member: Vanessa Crandell, Beyond Ink, Merchant Services, by Marty Burbank

Ken Kaisch entertained members with skillful jazz guitar playing prior to the meeting. Ken is very skillful and deserves a round of applause when he breaks for lunch.

President Joe Arnold always has notable events that happened on the date of the Rotary meeting. President Joe noted that September 26 is a very special Day. This is the birthday of Johnny Appleseed whose real name was John Chapman. He was an itinerant preacher who traveled the country preaching and selling apple trees. He would frequently give money to those less fortunate.

Also, on this date the musical “West Side Story” opened, the Beatles received the Order of the British Empire, the CBS TV show “The Beverly Hillbillies” premiered, the CBS show “Gilligans Island” began, the airship Concorde set a record for Washington DC to Paris and the ship The Queen Mary was launched. Never knew so much happened on this day.

The pledge was given by Diane Masseth-Jones, the invocation was given by Larry Bennett and Bob Muschek led us in singing the Rotary “Smiles” song twice to allow more friendly greetings among Rotarians.

Guests were Jim Vandenberg’s, wife Willa; Rick Crane’s guest Ted White of City of Fullerton; Dick Mathewson’s wife Jane; Thad Sanford’s wife Ann; Brenda Cressey (Trustee of the Rotary International Foundation) and her Rotarian husband Bruce, Johrita Solari (Director Elect of Rotary International), and Bret Gerdes (Past District President).

Dan Ouweleen presented the history moment in the life of the Fullerton Rotary Club. An interesting slide show was given to show that the Fullerton Rotary Jog-A-Thon had resulted in over $300,000 given to the International Rotary anti-polio effort. Also, over $150,000 was given to 8500 students and their clubs at local high schools. Dan stated that over 2.5 billion polio inoculations have been given so far. The large gift of millions of dollars by the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation has help support much of the stop polio effort.

A Fullerton Rotary Game Night is planned for the home of Biill and Robyn Mathy on Monday October 8 at 5:30 pm. A charge of $10 per person for food will be made that will be billed to your Rotary account. Reservations may be needed.

Sandy Hayes announced that the annual Fellowship Lunches will begin soon. If you want to be included in one of the lunches, contact Sandy quickly. She sought another luncheon coordinator and Drew Napolin volunteered.

Bob Muschek announced that he will be ordering new Fullerton Rotary badges in the next few days. If your badge is incorrect or you have lost your badge, contact Bob.

Minard Duncan was the Recognition Master today. He began by asking questions at each table about the material in the last Rotary magazine. A poor showing was made by almost all tables but fines for bad answers were collected. Minard recognized several Rotarians for birthdays or wife’s birthdays including Bob Muschek, Diane Masseth-Jones, John Phelps and Larry Bennett. All stated they were going to the Summit House for the event except Larry who had not planned as yet.

Bret Gerdes introduced Brenda Cressey the Vice-Chair of the Rotary International Foundation. Ms Cressey told about the work of the Foundation with major emphasis on the great work done in stopping polio in all countries except a few, Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan. In some of these countries, the government has made it difficult to allow Rotary workers to give inoculations to children. To allow that a country is verified free of polio, no infections must have occurred over a three-year period. Nigeria almost made it but a single polio case started the year counting over again.

Ms. Cressey gave some instances of the joy experienced by persons helped by Rotary. A free wheelchair given to one man who had no legs helped him and his family who had to carry him from place to place.

Ms. Cressy told of the Purple Pinky project. This is a project to obtain money and workers to ensure that children needing polio inoculations will have a purple small finger to note that they have received the polio vaccine. Donations are needed to finish the polio eradication effort.

There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.
Linda Grayson

10/3 Lip Synching Fullerton All Stars
- featuring Blues Brothers, Janis Joplin, Patsy Cline
10/8Fun - Fellowship - Food - 5:30pm, at Bill Mathy's
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10/17 Learn the Secret Formula for Rotary Growth - Jim Vanderburg
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10/31Not the Real Johnny Carson (But as Close as we Can Get)
11/14 Barbara Stone - Election 2018
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This Edition was published in Fullerrton, CA
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