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Volume 77 Issue 45 Wednesday, May 9, 2018 Rota-Scribe: Thad Sandford

President Marty opened the meeting and welcomed the members of the Rotary Clubs Fullerton South and Fullerton Sunrise. We met in the Muckenthaler Cultural Center.

Marty also introduced Terry Brick, president of Rotary Fullerton Sunrise, and Mario Galinda, president of Rotary Fullerton South.

The Fullerton Main club has met at the Muck several times in the week preceding the Muckenthaler Motor Car Show. This was the first time we had a joint meeting. It seemed to be enjoyed by all. Several members brought their classic cars to the club meeting, which were on view as members arrived for the meeting.

Dick Ackerman led the of pledge allegiance. Dan Kiernan led us in prayer.

We were honored to have Bill Cunlisse playing the piano as a welcome to the meeting. He also accompanied the gathering while we sang God Bless America.

Farrell Hirsch, director of the Muck, welcomed the group and introduced Bill Cunlisse, our pianist for the day, who is a two-time Grammy winner, a professor at Cal State Fullerton, and producer of the Jazz Festival next week at the Muck. Farrell also pointed out that we were meeting in an art gallery featuring an art exhibit focused on Air, Water, and Earth. And he provided a short overview of the Muck upcoming activities including the Motor Car Show on 19-20 May and the Jazz Festival next week on Thursday 17 May.

Several people had guests. Dan Ouweleen welcomed Angela Joe and Peggy Sotzing from FLOCK, a charity organization dedicated to helping needy high school students with some basic necessities, such as clothing, shoes, books, make-up. Also visiting were Mike Silzer, the athletic director at Troy High School; Chris Bannhill, who works at PacMin and the Muck; and Amy Gaw, who works at OC United. Sueling Chen introduced two prospective members: Bryan Helleland, who is the CEO of St Jude; and Jenifer Lee, who is a business consultant.

Announcements: Dan Ouweleen reminded the group of the Jog-a-thon to be held in October at Fullerton High School. Bob Muschek announced that the Rotary Care will be held on 9 June. Terry Brick announced that Fullerton Sunrise will host their annual ‘Un-Corked’ fund raiser on 22 Sept.

Several members noted that Jon West was not in attendance and therefore could not help us celebrate his birthday. We vowed that we would celebrate with him next year, if he shows up.

There was no formal program. The purpose was to enjoy the joint group and become better acquainted with members of the other two clubs. We met the objective.

May 30 Blake Smith. His Washington,D.C. Trip.
June 5 Pizza Party - Bootlegger's Tasting Room - 5pm
$10-$15 cost for Pizza
June 6 Senior Craft Talk. - Jahncke
June 9 Rotary Cares
June 17
Rotary Board Meeting - CLC, 7:30 am
June 20 "To Tell the Truth" - Demotion Night. No lunch meeting - 5:30 pm
June 27 Joe Arnold - Incoming President's Meeting
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Thanks to Cathy Gach for Photos
This Edition was published in Fullerrton, CA
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