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Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Volume 77 Issue 42   Rota-Scribe: Jay Kremer

The meeting was opened by Marty Burbank, Zoot Velasco led the flag pledge,

Pastor Greg Hickman gave the invocation and led the singing of the Rotary Smile song. Welcome back to Don Ludwig who plays the piano for Rotary songs. Also, in attendance were Bob Maxwell, back from an illness, and Joanne Brannock after a long absence.

The premium athletes from the three Fullerton High schools were recognized and given awards for their performances at the recent Jim Thompson Rotary Track Meet. For Troy High School, Isabella Ales and Norris Bach were given awards by their coach Chris Blume. Gideon Pichardo and Stephanie Gonzalez of Sunny Hills were given their awards by coach Annie Garcia. At Fullerton High, coach Craig Nordstrom gave awards to Al Perez and Presli Dillon. All coaches thanked the Fullerton Rotary Club for their continuing support of the track meet, now in its 27th year. Congratulations to all the young athletes.

Andre Fahie was the Recognition Master today. Several of those being recognized were, however, not in attendance. Mike Williams had a birthday but being not in attendance, his father Jim Williams was fined instead. Rick Crane’s wife Jeanne had a birthday with Rick being fined. Kim Barlow is a new grand-mother with her daughter having a child. Scott Dowds is a new grandfather with a granddaughter born four weeks early. Mike Cochran is also a new granddad with a granddaughter born recently. All new grandparents were properly fined.

Laura Macias thanked some Rotary members for helping the recent Joya Scholars dinner program be a financial success. Laura Macias started this program to encourage and help children in a low-income area of Fullerton to attend college. There have been several successful college graduates from this area which previously had none.

Zoot Velasco gave a very informative and interesting talk about the founder of Rotary, Paul Harris. Using a Power Point presentation, Zoot described the very numerous education and employment situations that Harris encountered in his life. His education included times at Vermont University, Princeton and the University of Iowa, where he became a lawyer. At that time, it was common for men to take five years off after college to explore the world.

Paul Harris spent time as reporter in San Francisco and Denver, an actor in Denver, a cowboy in Chicago stock processing, a very successful gravestone salesman in Florida, New York and Europe, a cattle boat sailor from Europe and an attorney in Chicago responsible for bad debt collections. In Chicago in 1905, Harris and three others developed the Rotary program. Zoot also described the problems that Rotary has had with allowing female members.

Dan Ouweleen passed out new pins for those contributing to the Paul Harris fund of the International Rotary Organization. Those receiving recognition pins were:
Norm Credit (a gift of J Richey), Marty Burbank, Jim Ripley, Joanne Brannock, Susan Smith, Thad Sandford, Vimal Seth, Ken Kaisch, Joyce Capelle, Scott Dowds and Jay Kremer.

Thad Sandford, the person responsible for obtaining our District Rotary Ambassador Scholars, reported that two scholars had been selected for this year. Both scholars are high quality persons who are enrolling at schools in foreign countries with an emphasis on peace among nations.

Cathy Gach has an opening at a Fellowship Luncheon at Cedar Creek Restaurant. Contact Cathy for details.

Kin Barlow announced she was transferring the job as Rotary Board secretary to Bob Muschek who took the job with the understanding that little work was necessary. (This is false). Kim was given a standing thanks from all members for several years of work. Kim also congratulated Bob Jahncke for his work on the Rotary web site and roster for several years.

President Marty Burbank mentioned that the next Rotary meeting will be at the Giving Children Hope facility in Buena Park.

Some thoughts for the week:

The richest man is not he who has the most, but he who needs the least.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Apr 19 Top 100 - Fullerton HS @ Fullerton Community Center
Apr 25 Club Assembly. Presentations by Directors.
Apr 27 Rotary Rocks (aka Spring Fling) evening Gala
Apr 28 Love Fullerton - Susan Ouweleen 714 725-9083
Ladera Vista Junior High - 9:30am
May 2 Community Investment Awards.
June 9 Rotary Cares
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Thanks to Cathy Gach for Photos
This Edition was published in Fullerrton, CA
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