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Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Volume 77 Issue 39   Rota-Scribe: Bob Muschek

Social Time- Judy Atwell welcomed arriving members by collecting wine or $20 to support Rotary Rocks.

The meeting was brought to order by past President Dan Ouweleen who was standing in for President Marty Burbank. Dan welcomed Marilyn Richards who has been absent for some time because of illness. Jim Ripley led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Bill Goetz gave a moving Invocation. Bob Muschek welcomed the guests who were Paula Ferris, Sally Williams and our speaker, Art Levine. Bob also tried once more to lead the singing of Smile with the accompaniment of lead guitarist, Ken Kaisch.

It was probably not as bad as the first time the two tried, but the duo still have a long way to go.

Announcements- Miko Krisvoy reminded the members that the Top 100 for Fullerton High School would be held on Thursday, April 19 and help was needed. Rick Crane thanked Cathy Gach for taking photos at the track meet – the photos were passed around. Rick also reminded members of the CSF baseball game on April 10 – the cost is $25. Greg Hickman invited everyone to EGGSTRAVAGANZA at Ford Park on Saturday, March 31 at10 AM to 12 PM. Greg promised that anyone who attended would have a great time. Dan Ouweleen stated that there would be a Jazz Group at the Muck on Thursday, March 29. Love Fullerton would be held on April 28 and Susan Ouweleen would head up that effort for the Club. Dan also mentioned that the District Conference would be this Friday night and should be a fun night. Also, Dan called Jim Ripley to the front where he removed the blue Newest Nine tag from Jim’s badge. Sandy Hayes stated that the lunch groups had been established and the coordinators could begin to plan their lunches. Jim Williams briefly discussed Rotary Rocks and stated that members can easily sign up on the club web site. Also, that the committee was looking for silent auction items.

Recognition Master Randy McFarland announced that he had NRA questions that would be asked of those recognized in order to avoid fines. Randy started by recognizing Greg Hickman for the anniversary of his Fullerton Rotary Club membership. The NRA question was “how many US households have guns in their home” and it was a multiple choice question. Greg avoided a fine by answering 22% correctly. Next, Randy recognized the birthday of Vimal Seth’s wife Rita. The answer was 13%, but at this point, your Rotascribe lost track of questions, answers and the amount of fines rendered. Leslie McCarthy, our darling Irish bride, announced that she and hubby had been happily married for 33 years. Your Rotascribe couldn’t tell if the fine was $3, $33, or $330. Rocco’s wife, Robin Marie, also had a birhthday.

Mike Cochran introduced our speaker, former Fullerton Rotary Club member, Rabbi Art Levine who spoke on “The plight of Jews in Ethiopia”. Art explained that there were 2 points to be made regarding the origination of the current state of Israel. First was the recognition that Israel was the birthplace of Judaism. If Israel was to be the home of Jews, then all Jews would be welcomed to live and be citizens of Israel. The second was the Nazi Holocaust established a need, in the eyes of the world, for a homeland for the Jews. Art stated that he visited Ethiopia last year and found the conditions to be deplorable for the 6000 to 7000 Jews living there. Ethiopia is one of the poorest nations in the world and the Jews are the poorest of the poor. They only eat once a day and most are malnourished. Because they are Jews, they get no help from the government of Ethiopia. Israel has stated that they will eventually take them in small groups, but there is no budget to receive and assimilate them and the relocation is going slowly. The presentation was interesting and generated many questions.

April 4 High School Singing Performances.
Apr 10 CSUF Baseball - Rotary Fellowship
Apr 19 Top 100 - Fullerton HS @ Fullerton Community Center
Apr 25 Club Assembly. Presentations by Directors.
Apr 27 Rotary Rocks (aka Spring Fling) evening Gala
Apr 28 Love Fullerton - Susan Ouweleen 714 725-9083
Ladera Vista Junior High - 9:30am
May 2 Community Investment Awards.
June 9 Rotary Cares
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