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Wednesday, January 31, 2018
Volume 77 Issue 31 Rota-Scribe: Joe Arnold

President Marty Burbank brought the meeting to order. Bob Hathaway led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Jay Kremer provided the Invocation. Bob Muschek regaled us with the film clip of Kate Smith introducing for the first time a little tune called “God Bless America” by Irving Berlin. We all joined in singing along with her. That was followed by our traditional “Smile.”

Announcements: Judy Atwell said her monthly card group is looking for some “stand-bys” who might like to join them. Let her know. Don’t be bashful: it’s “low stakes” not “high stakes” card playing. The fellowship is “priceless.” Joe Arnold announced our “Rotary Rocks: We Make a Difference” dinner, silent auction and entertainment. It will be at Los Coyotes Buena Park, NOT Coyote Hills on Friday, April 27. Jim Ripley encouraged the membership to joining him in losing some weight this year, in keeping with our previous guest speaker who discussed health and diet issues. We will all reveal our results at the end of the year. Karen Xie asked for volunteers to judge and be tally workers for the Speech Contest. Les McCarthy asked whoever had Bill Mathy’s yardstick to return it. She claimed it was a cherished childhood companion of Bill’s. Minard Duncan mentioned that he had been to see Bill Klinghoffer. He had a great visit and knows Bill would love to have some of us stop by to see him. Minard also thanked those who contributed to his appearance at “Look Who’s Dancing.”

Farrell Hirsch was Finemaster today. He both amazed and dazed the membership with his “get- out-of-fine” questions about Groundhog Day. Among those who miserably, but gallantly, failed to get out of fines were Miko Krisvoy, Randy McFarland, Mike Oates and Minard Duncan. Doris Muschek was thanked for providing our meeting with Bob Muschek’s favorite, Carrot Cake, in honor of his birthday.

Bob Muschek gave an outstanding Senior Craft Talk today. He was born in Philadelphia (guess who he is rooting for in this weekend’s Super Bowl). He had a tall Mom and Dad, and thought he would be tall. Fate decreed otherwise. He dreamed of being a first baseman for the Philadelphia Athletics. He was good at baseball and even had a chance to try-out for them, only to be informed, “We can’t teach big, and we can’t teach fast.” His public high school team went 15-0 but lost to the Catholic high school team for the championship. For years he thought he was the reason they lost (failed on a “squeeze” play), only to discover later that all the other teammates thought the same about themselves. He grew up (like all Philadelphia kids) believing that the “real” Santa Claus was at Gimbel’s department store, he was able to sing in his high school choir for 4 years, and later he went to Drexel University to study Civil Engineering. At Drexel, he played baseball and soccer. It was an amazing soccer team (77 goals in 12 games) and he was named a 2nd team All American. Two others on the team were 1st team All Americans. Bob even made the 1st cut for the American National Team. He joined the ROTC while at Drexel and was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant on graduation. He went to Flight School and did 2 tours in Vietnam. He was able to share with us the planes and helicopters he had the honor to fly. He also shared with us images of the Russia MI-24 Hind, which became known as the “Great White Shark in the Sky.” He realized that it was a helicopter for which we had no defense. He was able to alert the military that no one had been thinking about “air to air” combat between helicopters. It was a great Craft Talk and unfortunately we ran out of time. The members greatly appreciated his sharing his story.

Feb 7 Brett Ackerman. Digital Days for the Boys and Girls Club.
Feb 14 Ken Boyd, Rotary International Director(2011-2013). Speaking on Tolerance.
Feb 21 Service Day at Giving Children Hope.
Feb 28 High School Students Speech Presentations.
Mar 10 High School Track Meet - @ FUHS (set-up 7:30am)
Mar 15 Top 100 - Sunny Hills HS @ Fullerton Community Center
April 4 High School Singing Performances.
Apr 10 CSUF Baseball - Rotary Fellowship
Apr 19 Top 100 - Fullerton HS @ Fullerton Community Center
Apr 25 Club Assembly. Presentations by Directors.
Apr 27 Rotary Rocks (aka Spring Fling) evening Gala
May 2 Community Investment Awards.
June 9 Rotary Cares
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This Edition was published in Fullerton, CA

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